SilverGroup, LLC

About Us

Our Basis are set on our 3Ps


A home is a place where memories are made, dreams are set and goals are reached. Our purpose is to provide your vision of the future on a solid foundation. We strive to offer the best service to help you find the right home for you, build with love and delivered on time.


In our years of experience, we have formed a great real estate market providing brand new quality and perfectly affordable homes in cities in need of new and seeking a dream. The goal is to deliver modern features and amenities combined for an ultimate lifestyle.


Our mild stones for success are honesty and respect. We believe triumph is where our understanding, effort and professionalism are standing high. We have witnessed the growing of many projects and Silver Group LLC confidence grows thanks to our customers feedback.

Our Story​

Silver Group LLC, is a Home Builders Family Since 2017, even though we are a young company we have left imprints of satisfaction in each of our clients, tenants, investors and owners; our relationship with them is one or our main priorities. The quality and affordability of our creations make us the ideal solution when looking for that place called home.
We have a family team of hard working professionals, from builders to experienced real states agents equipped to cover your needs or interests whether those are renting, leasing or purchasing, our experience and capacity guarantees the best service; because our success lies on the satisfaction of our clients whose trust is on our promise of delivering excellency.

Why Choose Us?